weekly 218 – 16.09.–22.09.2014



Remix of OSM- and SoundCloud data [1]

Talk, Forum, Wiki & Blog

  • In the newest version of Taginfo you can see which  projects in the OSM Ecosystem (for example editors, routers and maps) support a certain tag
  • The French QA- Tool Osmose is available for parts of Latin America.

Open Data & ODbL

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  • The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is seeking to hire a Technical Project Manager. Applications are due by October 6th and any questions regarding the position can be directed towards me. The position is a one year full-time contract. 
  • Mikel Maron will be “President Innovation Fellow” at the State Department of the USA. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team congratulates. The weekly congratulates as well.
  • An article explains how OpenStreetMap volunteers are helping to fight Ebola and other crises.


Did you know …


  • Embedding a Leaflet map in a Qt application is presented in this  blogpost.
  • In this blogpost you can see the difference between OpenLayers 2 and 3 and some thoughts about the migration from the older version to the newest one.
  • tutorial on how to use MapBox Studio and another tutorial to use regular expressions in the development of styles for MapBox Studio.

… etcetera

  • Google View will replace the photo sharing service Panoramio. More than 80 million geolocated photos will be  transfered from Panoramio to Google View.
  • Bing has got some new images for various cities in the US.
  • An Economist article talks about how authorities manage geographical coordinates, for example regarding addresses information.