weekly 258 23.06.-29.06.2015


  • Säulendiagramm des Spendenaufkommens, eine Säule pro Tag

    Donations during the fundraising campaign to finance new hardware for OSM. Chart: Nakaner – data: Frederik Ramm. [1]

    About us

    • The WeeklyOSM team sends greetings to our new Brazilian OSM friends (Brasilianisches Portugisisch), who joined the weeklyOSM team: Bemvindo – or in English “Welcome”, dear friends from the country of CapoeiraCopacabanaCaipirinhaJorge Amadao e Oskar Niemeyer: Vitor, Alexandre and John, sejam bemvindo 😉
    • During July and August weeklyOSM will be taking a short summer holiday, providing monthly summaries for July (in early August) and for August (in early September).


    • Imagico.de provides images for remote mapping in OSM for areas where MapBox or Bing have no or poor images. An overview can be procured in the browser and then embed the image service in JOSM.
    • Fernando Trebien starts a controversial discussion regarding the difficulty of understanding and using relations in OSM for novice mappers using current editors..
    • Ture Pålsson stumbles over a common misinterpretation of the Layer tag.


    OpenStreetMap Foundation

    • The fundraising goal for new server hardware has been achieved and even exceeded. The Operations Working Group OWG says thank you! Frederik Ramm has compiled some interesting data.


    • Facts and figures on SotM US 2015.
    • From September 30 to October 04 the SotM Scotland will take place in Edinburgh. The program is already partially online.
    • User Gowin reported on an OSM workshop, which recently took place in Manila in the FEU Institute of Technology.
    • In a cooperation between geoimagina and the Instituto Panamericano de Geografía e Historia the following series of events will take place in Quito: July 09 – Introduction to OSM; July 21 – Creating geoportals using free software; July 28 – Producing Goestatistics with R; August 20 – risk scenarios for the threat from tsunamis. (Spanisch)
    • Frederik Ramm is looking for volunteers from Austria, which would assist in the planning and implementation of FOSSGIS 2016.

    Humanitarian OSM

    • The Humanitarian OSM Team is recruiting a short-term research post for two months. Application deadline is July 03.
    • User dkunce has completed a first three hours “office hours” question and answer session for HOT. He sums up three important questions that were put to him.


    Open Data

    • The British Ministry of Environment has announced the release of 8000 UK datasets under a free license. (via @DefraGovUK)


    • A possible side effect of omitting attribution – prevention of vandalism?
    • Jan Erik Solem has questions about ODbL because Mapillary would like to use OSM data increasingly.


    • Using the OSMroute plugin it is possible to calculate routes through openroutservice.org in QGIS.
    • The Wall Street Journal published a JavaScript library for easily creating maps with just a few clicks.
    • OsmAnd is five years old. WeeklyOSM congratulates the app, which is considered by many non-mappers as the OpenStreetMap app for Android.
    • A recent demonstration of OpenSfM to understand the smooth transition of Mapillary photos. (more but older examples in Mapillary’s blog).
    • MapBox ‘OpenGL-based map now supports a perspective view.
    • Richard Fairhurst has created Tilemaker a tool to generate vector tiles from PBF extracts.
    • Michael Zangl released a beta version of its OpenGL MapViews for JOSM, which he programmed in the context of his Google Summer of Code project.

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