weekly 224 – 28.10.–03.11.2014


Changeset-Diskussionen – ein neues Feature auf openstreetmap.org (Kartendaten © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, Kartengrafik CC-BY-SA 2.0

Changeset-discussion – a new feature openstreetmap.org [1] (map data © OpenStreetMap-contributors , map CC-BY-SA 2.0)

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Open Data & ODbL

  • The WHO wanted to know more about Landsat.
  • MapBox offers a research internship in Washington DC. “His work requires us to scour the web looking for data sets from individual countries, states, and cities, and then get them into OpenAddresses.io“. The deadline to apply for the data internship is 5pm on Monday, November 17, 2014.
  • Based on the discussions on the mailing list OSMF, Pascal Neis refers to his OSM-Fight-Tool that compares and evaluates two OSM users using various parameters. (via Twitter) 😉


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  • Google wants to help and do good. They are giving Skybox satellite images to the community.
  • Pascal Neis writes in his blog “Ebola Response Map and OSM contributor analysis” about the OSM activities in Africa. Amongst other things, one of his maps shows when and where the changesets to the OSM database were added. (via Twitter)
  • Four years ago the earth shook in Haiti. The World Bank looks back to the action of HOT at the time.



Did you know …

  • EPSG.io, a user-friendly database of EPSG codes.


  • Hans Hack wrote a nice tool, which one calculates the use of land with OSM data.
  • Jorge Sanz shows examplary – a tool that enables you to create a OpenLayers 3 based map with data from a Google-Spreadsheet. (via Twitter)
  • Project to generate free location codes.
  • Léo Martine published a tutorial “Using Wikimapia data in QGIS”. (via Twitter)


  • Researchers are using OpenStreetMap data to analyze and classify street patterns to organize cities into different classes.
  • Chris Whong blogs about NYC Taxis, a Taxi website that visualizes the data on a map.
  • Using three words, what3words describes a location.
  • Oliver Roick published GeoKey, an open-source platform for collecting local knowledge and visualization on maps.